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First Flight
Historical Narrative Series. There was a strange attraction to the air--quite literally--in the 1890s. For the first time in human history, thinking men and women came to believe that the dream of powered flight was a possibility. Popular culture discounted such dreamers as cranks and fools. In some places, they were thought to be in defiance of God's will. Any established scientist or engineer who seriously discussed "flying machines" risked credibility and career status. Despite this, the growing evidence that powered flight was within reach tempted a generation of visionaries, from the most respected to the totally unknown, to devote their lives to the effort of joining the birds in the air.  First Flight is the story of these dreamers.

Narrative Series. This is not your father’s polyamory, fetish, D/s, and BDSM. Real people with real lives in modern-day Los Angeles don’t have to be defined by their kinks, but those kinks can certainly can add more color to life.

Journey for a Dead Friend
Narrative Feature Film. A family death unites three friends from high school. They embark on a journey scheduled ten years before but interrupted by the death of the fourth of their group.

Fourth Planet
Narrative Series. Frontierspeople and their stories have captured imaginations for generations. Fourth Planet tells not of our past—but of our projected history via a very real future on Mars. Steeped in science but not limited by it, the real story here is the frontier settlers of the next century—those ready to face the demanding and very human challenges of starting an entirely new society. Will we repeat the same mistakes we made on Earth? Will our instincts kick-in when survival is at stake?

Impending Matrimony
Narrative Feature Film. A young ensemble wrestles with life, love, and the struggles for happiness in this comedy about commitment...or the lack thereof. A long-lost love affair is rekindled while another love-struck pair wade through the morass of family and personal expectations surrounding their looming wedding, along with the complexities of modern-day life in Los Angeles.

Exploring America’s Ruins
Historical Reality Series. We like to call them ghost towns. They dot the landscape of America from coast to coast. Abandoned communities that document our history sit just off the beaten path. They are in every part of America–often near larger communities whose residents know nothing of these ruins. In this weekly one-hour series Sunrise West Productions will provide amazing windows into our past–moments frozen when a community ceased to exist.

Narrative Feature Film. A desperate Madison Avenue advertising man travels back in time to secure the perfect piece of a campaign that could save his crumbling career. In 1907 Rhyolite, Nevada, he's the ultimate con artist looking to pull a fast one. Instead, he finds the self-respect he buried years ago and a woman who is equally out of place in time. Romance/Comedy/Adventure/Fantasy—yes, all of that—is wrapped around a journey to find direction in life.

Reality Doc Series. Fetish is a weekly series with a sexy host from the world of sexual kink. Each week our host will travel to a fetish event somewhere in the world. These events are covert little fetish festivals, so to speak, celebrating a particular kink that overlaps the landscape of human sexuality.

The Pork & Beans Society
Narrative Feature Film. The Pork & Beans Society is in many ways a sequel to the Oscar-winning feature film, Splendor in the Grass, starring Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. Set sixty years later (in the 1980s) in the same school, in the same small Kansas town, our story follows an ensemble of Midwestern kids through the issues surrounding coming of age in a small rural community.